All the New Years hustle and bustle…

Sometimes Istanbul is a bit overwhelming. I think today it was a bit busier than normal because everyone is trying to do their last minute New Years shopping. In Turkey, New Years is celebrated like Christmas, and many Turkish people I’ve talked to mix the two days up. Anyway, its the big gift-giving holiday, and there are snowman decorations, lights and holly and green and red and gold decorations in shops and cafes.

Anyway, today I just wasn’t so much in the mood for all the hustle and bustle. So many people, all the time. The last couple days I just haven’t had the patience for the noise and the crowds, the constant honking coming from cars, loud music blaring from shops and bars, and people, people, people. Crazy.

I think I’d like to just snuggle up at home for the winter, stay nice and warm, read books, watch films, obviously drink copious amounts of tea, and then emerge from my lair when the warm weather returns full of energy and excitement. However, I think it might be hard to pay the rent while hibernating. Oh well.


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