And so, it begins…

Well, its 2010. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long!

We brought in the New Year with friends, after having a lovely dinner and then going to our cheap and cheerful ‘local’, Munzur Beach. Its a strange and amazing place, with sometimes crazy, but always friendly, generous and kind staff. They get excited when we arrive, they always give us tons of free food and make us feel very comfortable. Last night, one of the guys was dressed as Santa, and he’d even shaved off his real beard so he could wear the fake white one for the day (remember, Turks sort of combine Christmas and New Year in to one holiday). We talked to another one of the barmen, Zaza, who is currently in drama school. We asked if he would be on TV, but he said TV and movies are bad, theatre is very beautiful. He’s an artist. He’s from a town or city that he told us is very beautiful with mountains, and that its much better than Istanbul. Sigh. Can’t wait to see some new places!

Anyway, even though there were tons of people out and about last night to celebrate new years, there was no formal countdown or anything that we were aware of. We were watching the time on our mobile phones, and when it went to midnight, no one around seemed to notice at all. So, we just started counting down from ten, and shouted Happy New Year to each other and played with the sparklers the bar men had given us earlier. Then a sort of Turkish-style congo line got started out in front of the bar, to the beat of a drum one of the barmen was playing. It was pretty cool, and is evidence once again of the fact that Turkish people love to dance. Its great. Then we talked and talked for hours and eventually made our way back down Istiklal Caddesi to our humble home through the crowds of drunken revelers. It was great to climb into bed at the end of it all.

Anyway, here are some photos.


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