A typical Sunday…

Well, Sundays are one of my nicest days.

I begin with morning meditation, to get me off to a good start. My friend Delpha and I started a meditation ‘group’ a number of weeks ago. We’ve had a couple of visitors to our meditation sessions, but at the moment we’re really just a ‘group’ of two. We have our sessions in the new and lovely Yoga Time studio in Sisli/Osmanbey. It is such a calm and refreshing space and the owners of the studio are so kind do let us use a room!

So, we usually do 20 minutes of sitting meditation, then 10-15 of walking meditation, followed by 20-30 minutes of sitting again. Its pretty great. Then we always go for lunch afterwards, which is a fine reward for our efforts. There’s a cafe we frequent, that has amazing pastries and some of the best coffee in Istanbul. Nice, creamy cappuccinos that even my coffee loving Italian friends would approve of.

After eating and drinking our coffee and lots of chatting, I go to the language school where I work, British Culture. I absolutely love it there. Today I only had one student, because my second student was too busy at her own job to attend, but it is always a pleasure to be there.

Then I came home and we had some leftover pasta sauce that Richie made yesterday, so I had an easy time heating it up and boiling some pasta. Then we watched a bit of Planet Earth on DVD.

I’ve done a bit of planning for my tutoring tomorrow evening, and am now drinking some chamomile tea with honey. Its very relaxing and now I’m about ready to climb up to the loft for a cozy night’s sleep.


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