Something approaching normal…

I’ve had roughly a week (with some occasional light work) of rest and relaxation. I feel like a new, and much more normal, person.

With some extra sleep, fun meetings with friends, well wishes and good advice from other friends, some good old yoga and meditation, sunshine, and some positive thinking, I think I’ve managed to make a mental breakthrough.

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting and a whole hell of a lot of time talking (poor Richie) about all the experiences of the past months. I’ve had some really great insights (great for me anyway. I don’t know if they’re of any value to anyone else), and have sorted a lot of stuff out in my mind. I feel like I’ve pulled myself out of a mental and emotional funk and am now heading in a much more positive direction. THANK GOD! I’ve also started a ‘gratitude journal’ as my friend Skippy suggested, and have been writing down all the things I’m thankful for each night before I go to bed. Its a great way to combat my usual crazy night time teaching dreams. And maybe soon I’ll get involved in some new activities, such as volunteering in the local community with a friend, or joining a new group like CouchSurfers to meet new people. We’ll see. Its no rush, but its nice to have something on the horizon.

This morning I had my regular weekly yoga session with friend Delpha, which was one of the best I’ve had in a while. It was very physically challenging, but today I was able to focus and stay with the poses, and it really cleared my mind and I was completely in the moment. It was great, and I’m really feeling it in my muscles now! Then Delpha and myself went for a coffee and then I headed home. This evening I got back to my evening tutoring, and that went pretty well too. I feel relaxed and free of anxiety, for the moment anyway, and it is such a relief.

Well, dinner is almost ready, so I guess that’s it for now.


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