Upcoming interview…

Next Tuesday I have an interview! I am very happy at my current job at British Culture, but I still need to be working a few more hours a week to be at the income I want. A couple of friends are working at another language school, which happens to be very near where Richie and I live, so we both sent in our CVs during the week. So, I will go in to have a chat with the head of the school on Tuesday, but I’m not sure what day Richie will meet her. Anyway, its good news, because it sounds like they’ll be starting lots of classes soon, and hopefully during the day to compliment our evening/weekend schedules.

So, it makes me even happier I took the plunge and quit my not-so-good jobs. Once again it has be proven that there is plenty of teaching work in Istanbul, if you look for it. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on job developments.


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