Snow day…

Its finally happened; the snow has arrived. It started this morning, and according to the weather forecast, its gonna be around for days!

This morning Richie woke up first, since he starts teaching earlier than me on Saturdays. When he got up, we discovered that the power was out. Again. I think that makes like 3 times in 3 days or something. So, no lights, no hot water. Not a great way to start a cold winter morning. Anyway, off to work he went. He walks the 25 minutes or so to work, close to Taksim Square. I think he said it wasn’t too nasty when he left.

I got up about half an hour later, and there was still no electricity. Nothing like an icy cold, face-numbing splash of water to wash away your sleepiness! Ouch. I threw on as many layers of clothes as I could, and just as I was about to walk out the door Richie rang to tell me that it was snowing fairly heavily and that the Metro might not be running due to lack of electricity, and advised me to take a taxi to work.

So, I headed out into the blustery, horrible weather. He was right; no Metro. So I walked up Istiklal Cad. a bit, but the wind was so strong, and I was stupidly wearing heals, so I had to turn off on a side street and I jumped into a taxi.

Our street

My fun wasn’t over. I have honestly only taken a taxi a couple of times in Istanbul, and I don’t even know the name of the street that the language school is on, so I just told the poor taxi driver the name of the area and hoped for the best. We drove around, and he tried to get more details out of me. I told him the name of the school, asked to be taken to the Osmanbey Metro station (or one of the many entrances to it), etc. Finally, I got where I needed to go. I had enough time to get a bite to eat in the bakery around the corner and then went to wait for my student.

Istiklal Caddesi

I was so happy she showed up. She was having her ‘final exam’ for her intermediate course, so she said she knew she had to come. I was thankful I didn’t trek out to Nisantisi and spend 10 TL on a taxi for nothing. By the time I left, the Metro was running properly again, and I made it home without a bother.

Richie has just left for his second round of teaching today, and it is still snowing. And snowing. Its been a long time since I’ve seen so much snow. Its nice, but I am not leaving this apartment for the rest of the day!

Snow day update: Richie has just returned early from classes. Apparently classes have been cancelled for the rest of today and tomorrow. This means we are hardly working at all this week, which also means we don’t get paid for those missed classes. The good thing is that the classes are just rescheduled for the future, so we get paid eventually, but it still means that this week we will basically be making little-to-no money. I guess we’ll just have to consider it a holiday!


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