Monday: yoga day…

In this crazy life of mine, I have only two things that I can call routine: Sunday morning meditation, and Monday morning yoga. They help keep me sane, in a variety of ways, as I cope with the constant changes and surprises life presents, and I look forward to these two healthy, relaxing and enjoyable activities all through the week.

This morning we had a lovely class with Deniz, who is one of the owners/teachers at YOGATIME studio in Sisli. She’s a great teacher and I absolutely love her classes. I can’t think of a better way to start each week!

I have been attending Deniz’s sessions since I started doing yoga in Istanbul, about three months ago. I can really see how my strength and endurance have improved bit by bit, as well as my ability to just let go and be in the moment and stick with the poses. It is great to feel my body and mind becoming a bit more synchronized and behaving like friends, although I still have my days of fighting against myself, when my muscles are screaming and I just want to plop down on the floor and surrender to my laziness. With yoga, each day is a new experience, and you just have to deal with the poses and your own mental and emotional state as it is and see where it takes you.

My friend Delpha and I also hold our weekly meditation sessions at Yogatime, which Deniz and her colleagues have so generously allowed us to use. It is such a beautiful, open and calming space to practice meditation, and it is so refreshing to have time to mentally and emotionally detox at least once a week. We start our meditation at 10.30am on Sunday mornings, beginning with 20 minutes of sitting meditation, then 10 minutes of walking meditation, and a final sitting meditation lasting 20-30 minutes. Then we go to our favourite local cafe and bakery in Nisantisi, Josephine’s. They make such fantastic cappuccinos, and all kinds of delicious pastries. I’m sort of in love with it.

Delpha (wrapped up in the scarf) with the Yogatime crew

Anyway, if you are in Istanbul and are wanting to give yoga a try, I really recommend going to Yogatime. The instructors and staff there are lovely, and it is a perfect space to practice yoga. Click here to see their weekly schedule.

And I’d also like to invite anyone who’s interested in meditation to join us on a Sunday morning sometime. Its just a chance to meet other meditation practitioners, share ideas and experiences, and support each other. The session is open to anyone, beginning and experienced meditators alike. Its free to practice with us, but we recommend leaving a 5TL donation to the studio to thank them for their generosity to us, and to help cover the costs of opening early so we can use the space.

Hope to see you there!


PS: You can use Google Translate to translate Yogatime’s webpage into English.


2 thoughts on “Monday: yoga day…

  1. I just started yoga again too!!! Loving it! The place i go makes the room mad hot. Beads of sweat all over my body. Awesome! Glad you have this in your life, too.

    • Oooo, I used to do hot yoga and it is so amazing! You really feel like every single muscle in your body has had a workout at the end! Yoga is the best thing. I just can’t believe how good it makes me feel. I’m glad you are enjoying it too!

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