Some good news…

Today I went over to Rennert, one of the schools where I recently had an interview. I met Mechelle, the woman who runs the school, to talk about a class I’m covering for her next week. I’m excited to get started over there, even if its just something small. The school seems really nice, well organized and professional.

Just after I got home from Rennert, I got an email from Mechelle offering me a one-to-one with an academic from a Turkish university, teaching 9 hours a week for 17 weeks! Very exciting! So, my teaching schedule will be nice and full soon. It’s so funny how things can shift and change with work so dramatically here. This week, I practically did no work at all, between classes cancelled because of snow and being between classes finishing and new ones getting started. And in a couple of weeks, I’ll be really busy again.

It just goes to show, there’s not much point in worrying or panicking about the ups and downs of this job. It all works out in its own time.


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