Crazy Friday…

Yesterday was mental.

First, I woke up with a headache, which wasn’t too pleasant. Also, we didn’t have running water yet again. Annoying. So, we just sort of hung around the apartment, doing lesson planning for the weekend, reading stuff on the internet, checking email, etc. Not very eventful. We had some lunch. Still no water. I continued to have a headache, but was determined to get over it without the help of medicine. I have been successful at this in the recent past, just by breathing deeply, trying to purposefully relax all the muscles in my body and especially in my head and face. I drank a lot of water. I put so much Tiger Balm on my head, it was seriously tingly!

No progress. Eventually, about 4pm, the water came back on. Celebration! Then we had to wait at least another hour and a half for the water to heat up after we turned the heater on. But the hot shower was well worth the wait. Amazing.

But I still had a headache. We had already decided to meet friends Erika and Steve to trek out to a Uyghur restaurant near the Grand Bazaar we’d read a review about. So, Erika and Steve arrived and as we were heading out the door, I managed to forget to take the key out of the inside lock, pulled the door shut and then realized I couldn’t lock the door from the outside. I also couldn’t open the door at all, for that matter. Disaster.

We fiddled with the door and lock for ages, trying to figure out what to do. We were baffled. I think the doorman of our building figured something was wrong, so luckily this super nice Turkish girl was walking by, and for some reason or another, she asked, in English thankfully, what the problem was. So, her and the doorman came to our flat and we explained the problem. It was probably about 7.30 or 8 at this point. So, the girl and the doorman rushed off to try and find a locksmith before they all closed, and she promised she’d try to bargain down the price for us.

A few minutes later, while we stood in the icy cold hall, the girl, the doorman and a locksmith returned. In no time flat, he had our door open, and thanks to our kind new friend, we only had to pay 25TL instead of 50TL to get back inside our flat. I love Turkish people! So, this girl works at a bar nearby, and we will definitely have to visit her soon and thank her again.

So, that wasn’t the end of our adventure. We then set out to find this Uyghur (I’ll explain more about them in the future) restaurant. It was dark and cold and we wandered and wandered around nearly deserted streets, searching for this place. Richie is good with the whole map and directions thing though, thank god, because if I had been leading the way, we’d never have found it. Anyway, after about an hour or so of walking, we found the Uyghur Cultural Center where this restaurant is, but it was late and they were closed. Bummer. By this time, we were all pretty freezing and starving too. So, we decided to walk over by the Blue Mosque to try and find a place to eat there. But when we got there, we discovered they were just too expensive and touristy.

So then, we got a taxi back to our neighborhood and ended up eating dinner at a little restaurant about 2 minutes away from mine and Richie’s flat! I think we’d been out and about for like 2 and a half hours. Mental. But we were warm and had some nice pide, so we were happy. Then we went for a few drinks and headed home.

Unfortunately, I still had a headache, and it just kept getting worse. I was awake most of the night, feeling like my head was splitting open. I finally fell asleep, but then had to get up this morning for work. I got some headache tablets on my way to the school and had a few for breakfast. Yum. My headache is now gone, but I feel like I have a hangover, from the exhaustion of the pain and lack of sleep. But now I can relax and recover.

Anyway, Friday was an interesting day.


2 thoughts on “Crazy Friday…

  1. Kim, you’ll have to tell me about the Uyghur culture where you are in Instanbul. They are certainly a persecuted minority in China’s Xinjiang province.

    Hope your week gets better!

    • I’m planning to do a mini-research project on the Uyghur soon, and write a post about it. The restaurant we were hoping to go to is part of the Uyghur Culture Centre in Istanbul, so maybe they have some kind of little museum or exhibition about their culture, etc. I hope so. I’ll definitely pass on whatever I find out! We’re going to try to go there again this week, for lunch this time, so hopefully we’ll be more successful 🙂

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