Return to the Tarlabasi Market!…

Well, one of the good things about not currently teaching on Sundays is that I can go to the market again. It was so nice to do my shopping there, although I definitely missed having Richie there to help me carry all the stuff I bought! I think I came home with at least 10 kilos of food. It was definitely a good workout carrying all that stuff home.

So, I got all of this, plus two beautiful fresh seabass for just over 20TL (about 10 euro)! Amazing! This will keep us going for ages.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

1 kilo grapefruit: 1 lira
paprika and cumin: 2 lira
3 kilos of potatoes: 2.5 lira
1/2 kilo red peppers: 75 kurus
1 kilo of oranges: 1.5 lira
2 kilo chopped pumpkin: 2 lira
cute bundle of garlic: 1 lira
1 kilo of bulgur wheat: 2 lira
1 kilo of tomatoes: 1.5 lira
1/2 kilo of leeks: 75 kurus
2 beautiful seabass (not pictured): 5 lira!

I heart you Tarlabasi market!


4 thoughts on “Return to the Tarlabasi Market!…

    • I can’t wait to cook some of it! Richie just got home, and I’m going to fry up the seabass and make some bulgur pilaf rice for dinner. I do usually cook with olive oil. I love the taste of it and its healthier than vegetable oil. Sometimes I use sunflower oil for making soup stocks and things like that, because its cheaper and you wouldn’t really taste the olive oil anyway.

      I didn’t get cabbage today, because I just had too much to carry, but I’ll try to get some next weekend. The cabbages in the market are practically as big as beach balls! Its crazy.

    • Haha, I know. Every time I go to the market, I love to marvel at how cheap everything is! And how much nicer it is than the stuff available in the supermarket.

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