A warm and sunny interlude…

Today was a beautiful day. I got up early(ish) and went to yoga, which was, as always, amazing. We did some poses I’d never tried or even heard of before, and it was challenging, sweaty, creaky, exhilarating, and occasionally, funny. It was good to have a laugh, at my own expense, when I completely fell out of a pose and plopped flat on the floor. I was only about 6 inches off the floor anyway, so it wasn’t much of a fall, but still. It was entertaining.

After yoga, I came home and gathered Richie. The weather was just too lovely, so we went out for tea, and could actually sit outside in my favourite tea-drinking courtyard. Then we went for a walk and ended up by the Bosphorus, and we sat there for a while just talking. Then we could see rain in the distance, over Topkapi Palace and Aya Sophia or the Marmara Sea. We decided to head home and successfully missed getting rained on.

It was so refreshing to have the sun and warmth for a day. I got that excited happy feeling I get when spring arrives. I think Istanbul must be amazing in the spring.

So, this evening I’ve worked on a bit of lesson planning. I just found out that I’ll be resuming a second course of classes with a former student of mine, starting again this weekend, so that’s positive news. Other than that, I’m just cooking up some soup for our dinner. It’s going to be roasted pumpkin and red pepper soup. It’s an experiment.


2 thoughts on “A warm and sunny interlude…

    • The soup was good. Its a nice basic recipe I threw together, but I think I might change it a bit in the future, maybe add more spice, like a little bit of chilli or some fresh ginger. It was good though. I love the taste and smell of pumpkin!

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