Never ending surprises…

Well, today has been interesting. First of all, it was pay-day at British Culture. Obviously, that is a good thing. I also started a new one-to-one class with a former student of mine. She’s lovely and I think the class will be very interesting. She is a university lecturer in mathematics, and her interests are quite varied and different from my other students. She’s interested in the math and science side of life, but also likes art and poetry, so I think planning lessons for her will be very cool and somewhat challenging for me. I can help her with the English, and she can explain the physics and mathematical formulas to me! Good deal. I look forward to learning from her in the course of our time together.

Unfortunately, I also got a call from Rennert to tell me that my new student there has cancelled his lessons for the time being. I was meant to start on Tuesday and teach him for nine hours a week. Obviously, this would be great and it seemed like something that would be very stable. Haha, this mythical state of stability eludes me yet again! I think the universe really wants me to come to grips with the fact that change is the way of things and that stability doesn’t really exist. I am, of course, disappointed that this class has fallen through, but at the same time, I haven’t really lost anything either. And there’s always a chance that this student will actually take classes in the future; he’s just waiting for his Fulbright scholarship to come through, but there’s no telling when that might actually happen.

To again look at the bright side of things, I will still have a full enough schedule with my existing students. I should be at around 20 hours, when you add everything up, so I can’t complain about that. Since Richie has roughly as many hours, we should still be in the best financial position we’ve been in since we arrived in Turkey, and that is something to be happy about!

So, there you go. Constant changes and unending surprises. I choose to take this in a positive way and enjoy the madness of it all. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


3 thoughts on “Never ending surprises…

  1. Hi,
    I can see why she is so interest in math. I am too. I have my college math book still. It is called Basic Technical Math With Calculus. It has 29 chapter (945 pages). I do the whole book every summer, between the end of April and September. It keeps me busy.
    Uncle Jeff

    • I have started to look at magazines online to find interesting math and science related articles to use in my lessons with this student and I’ve found some really cool stuff! I enjoy reading science/math sorts of things, as long as they’re not too technical. Haha. I’ll have to email you the links to some of the articles I find. You might like them. They certainly give you a new perspective on life and make you appreciate the complexity and amazing-ness of the world we live in!

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