Great start to a new week…

As always, today was yoga day. It was amazing and fantastic. I just feel so good afterwards! And, it was useful because we haven’t had running water in our apartment since yesterday afternoon, so I took a shower there after our session.

Feeling all stretched, healthy and with my endorphins buzzing, Delpha and I went for our traditional lunch, coffee and chat about life. So great. Strange that now Monday is possibly my favourite day of the week. Highly unconventional.

Now I’m home, and happy to discover that the water is running again. We’ll be eating some tasty fish I bought at the market yesterday for an early dinner before I go to work. I’m really looking forward to work tonight. My student is so great and I haven’t seen her for a while. Then, perhaps, a late night meeting with some friends for a drink or two. And that’s about it. Nothing special, but its a pretty good day all the same.


4 thoughts on “Great start to a new week…

  1. Ok, that’s great about your yoga and your lunch and your dinner, but have you eaten here ( yet or here ( or here ( These are the pertinent questions of any Monday. Without which the day would be incomplete. Truly in order to fulfill the beginning of the week all meals should be had in one of these places, don’t you agree?
    You can tell Richie that Tipperary lost by two points to Laois in the opening round of the NFC. They were talking about nothing else in Ranelagh this morning.

  2. Oh. My. God. Those places look beautiful. The Antiochia restaurant is right behind where we live, so we should definitely check that out when you’re here. I was just looking at the website for the Ottoman restaurant, Asitane, and my mouth is watering. From the pictures, I would guess a meal there would cost about a weeks wages for us! Haha. Richie and I can sit outside and nibble on a kebap sandwich while you and Andrea eat there, and then you can tell us about it, and maybe save us a few scraps 😉

    As to the Tipperary defeat, Richie is indifferent. Its only football, after all. He said he had to read it twice to make sure he hadn’t missed an ‘H’ somewhere in there.

    Its gonna be great to have a couple of adventurous foodies here to eat out with! Oh, the feasts we shall have! Exciting.

  3. Ah! Kimberly! I’ve been missing out! I closed down one blog – the one that I had your link on and forgot to add a link to my old blog!! Oops. Anyway, I’m happily restored to being regularly informed when your blog is updated. Phew! :o)

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