Nothing special…

Making dinner at the moment. Not a very eventful day, but its been good. We didn’t get out of bed until around noon today, because we didn’t go to bed until about 3.30am. I had a private lesson last night at a student’s home, and I ended up finishing after 11 there, which was fine. She’s great! And it was the first time I’ve actually been in a Turkish home. Just to give you a random little tidbit of Turkish culture, people never wear shoes in the house, and they have slippers for visitors to wear, so when I arrived, I took my shoes off at the door and my student/host gave me a pair of her slippers to wear. She’s rather short and small, so my feet just fit into these slippers, but they did the trick. We sat in the living room and she made me some tea and also gave me this lovely little cheesecake she’d bought from the bakery. Then we basically just talked for ages. She also showed me her wedding photos because her wedding album was on display in the sitting room. Later her husband came home so we all talked for a bit. He’d lived and worked in England for a couple of years, so he speaks perfect English, complete with an English accent. They are both lovely and it was great just to be there and talk with them. I can’t believe I get paid for this job sometimes!

Today we revisited the Uyghur restaurant with Steve and Erika. There are three things on the menu and I am determined to try all three items as soon as possible! Today was menu item 2, a dish called longman. It consisted of homemade, fat noodles served with vegetable and beef stir fry sauce, etc. It was great with a spoonful of a sort of thick chilli oil paste that was in a dish on the table. I managed to successfully eat this entire meal using chop sticks. I was proud.

The chef there is so lovely. He’s a friendly old man, and we felt right at home when he welcomed us at the door. There is also a younger man who works there, and when I tried to leave a small tip after we paid for our meal, he ran out of the restaurant after us and gave it back to me with a smile and a handshake. The old man came to the door too and waved goodbye to us. I love it. For 4 plates of this noodle dish, plus three bottles of water and 8 cups of tea, we were only charged 23TL! So cheap! And Zahra, if you’re reading, I’m sorry we didn’t have a chance to get in touch with you. It was a last minute plan, but we have to make a trip there together soon. You’ll love it.

Hm, well I guess that’s about it for the daily update. I will try to do something more exciting soon so I have something better to write about!


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