Everything that happens will happen today…

So, for the past couple of months, this song by Brian Eno and David Byrne has become my anthem. I love it. I listen to it on the metro, walking down the street, wandering around this amazing city, in the rain, in the sun, every chance I get. It really seems to sum up something about my experiences here in Turkey, and I think it sums up something about life in general.

Everything that happens will happen today,
And nothing has changed, but nothing’s the same,
And every tomorrow could be yesterday,
Everything that happens will happen today.


To me, this song is about the fact that every day is the only day. We can’t change anything in the past, and we never know what the future will bring. Each day is a world unto itself; each day is a lifetime. Within the course of one day, every human experience, thought, emotion is playing out in the drama of our lives. Even when our lives seem mundane, and we feel like we’re living in a safe – perhaps pleasant, perhaps boring – routine, each day is full of change. No two days are ever alike. Every 24 hours is a full and complete lifetime, and once its over, its gone forever. So, we better enjoy it and live each moment fully awake and alive, because before we know it, this ‘today’ will become a ‘yesterday’.

I absolutely love this message. Sometimes thinking like this makes me feel a bit melancholy, and its sad and painful to feel like life is flying by in a flash. But I guess I just want to try to wake up each morning happy and satisfied to have even just one more day to enjoy living this life, on this amazing earth, with the beautiful people who I meet and know and love along the way. Our time may be short, in the whole vast scheme of things, but it sure is sweet.

Note: I tried to link the song here, but its from YouTube, which is banned in Turkey, so I can’t seem to attach it. But I recommend listening to it. Its amazing!


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