Compact update: Week 6…

Well, according to my calendar, I guess this is week 6 of my Compacting experience. I’m into this, man! I feel like, at the moment, I’m sailing along rather smoothly. I do think I will need to purchase some new socks soon (although this is a Compact-approved purchase). I think I only actually have 5 pairs with me here, and they are starting to get a bit holey, so I’ll spend a few lira replacing those.

I think in future, I will re-learn how to knit, and try to progress beyond the scarf stage. I have been thinking how nice it would feel to be wearing some big, fat, fluffy knitted socks around the house, instead of these short sport socks I have. And for all you crafty people I know, you would just die if you saw how much sewing/craft related stuff you could buy in Istanbul. And my guess is that its a ton cheaper than you’d buy in America. On our walk to the Uyghur restaurant again yesterday, we walked through a whole sort of market area, near the Grand Bazaar. There are entire streets full of shops selling material, ribbons, lace, yarn, EVERYTHING. I think there was an entire little street dedicated to shops selling only BUTTONS! It was crazy. Maybe I should look for a pair of knitting needles and try to find some sock patterns or something on the internet. Although, by the time I actually did that, and successfully made some socks, it would probably be summer. Well, regardless, I think sock (and maybe hat) making will definitely be something I try in the future.

But, yeah, no purchases of a material kind. I made it to the market again on Sunday, which was great. A week’s worth of food for 24TL. Today, we bought a bar of soap (no more plastic liquid-soap bottles for us), and some cotton buds/Q-tips. Really, my only indulgent purchases during the week are to pay for my yoga sessions, a lunch or two out, a chocolate bar or something for after dinner… that’s really it.

Ah, one confession. Richie bought a pair of small speakers for the laptop. They cost 15TL. We use our laptop to watch DVDs and TV downloads, etc, but the volume is so low on the computer its always hard to hear. But, Richie bought it, not me! I guess I’m technically exempt from responsibility, even though I did support this purchase. Ah well. He’s not doing the Compact, so I can’t expect him not to ever buy anything either.

So, one really positive result of all this is that I think we will keep having a small, but growing, amount of surplus money at the end of each month! Our summer travel adventure seems a bit more real all the time, although its still months away. We have plenty of time to save up.


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