Busy weekend…

So, its Sunday evening, and time to relax a bit after a busy weekend. Richie teaches a million hours on the weekend, so I’m sure he’ll be tired when he comes home. I teach fewer hours than him on the weekend, but they are still very full days, with lots of planning in the evenings. But its always enjoyable, so I can’t complain.

I also started something new this weekend. Its a sort of speaking/activity ‘club’ at the language school. They organized it, and asked me to do one or two hours on the weekend leading it. So, yesterday I met six elementary students and it seems like they enjoyed the session well enough to want to continue next week. It was crazy though. I was told originally that all the students would be at least intermediate level, and up to advanced. So, I had some activities prepared for higher levels. When I walked into the room, full of my great ideas, and discovered everyone was elementary, I felt a bit frazzled! Ah! I’m not that good at improvising! But I made it through the 45 minutes okay, and at least I’ll be better prepared for next week.

I am teaching again on Sunday afternoons, after a couple weeks off while new classes where being arranged, so I miss the market! I’m sad about it. Its so cheap to do my main shopping there, and its great to get most of the weeks food in one outing. Tonight I just ran out to get some eggs, bread, red peppers and courgettes, plus some chocolate and teabags (all the necessary items) and I’ll cook up some omlettes for dinner. I guess I’ll have to do a more complete shopping trip soon. Or maybe Richie and I will go together tomorrow or Tuesday.

Today at meditation group we had our all-time biggest turnout of 7 people (including Delpha and myself). It was really nice to have a real GROUP as opposed to meditation pair, although that’s always pleasant as well. I think some of the people may start coming regularly, and that would be nice. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Our other fun project of the weekend was figuring out Monopoly with all Turkish cards and instructions, etc. Our friends Steve and Erika gave us their Monopoly before they departed from Istanbul, and it took us at least a half an hour to put all the Community Chest and Chance card text into Google Translate to figure out what they said. But after that it was smooth sailing. Richie hadn’t played in years, but I love Monopoly and have played it much more often, so I could fill him in on the rules. I was sure, being the more experienced player, that I’d beat him soundly. However, he absolutely destroyed me, in what was possibly the shortest game of Monopoly I’ve ever played. We will have to have a rematch soon.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Heading to the kitchen to wash some dishes so I can start on dinner when Richie gets home. Hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day!


One thought on “Busy weekend…

  1. your life is so exciting. I look forward to your blog everyday. When you don’t put one on I am really down.
    I hope all goes well. My eye is better everyday.


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