Compact update: temptation…

So, still going strong with the ol’ Compact. However, I have felt a small tug of temptation. I have lost some weight over the past couple of months, and I really want to buy a new pair of jeans. I bought a really nice pair the first month we were here, and they are in fantastic shape. They also weren’t particularly cheap, but I didn’t mind, since I planned on these being pretty much my only pair of casual trousers for the year.

But now that I’ve dropped a few pounds, I sort of want to buy a smaller pair. Mostly, its because I don’t like the saggy look of over-sized jeans or the fact that I have to keep pulling them up all the time. I know this is a bit silly and vain. They are in perfectly good condition and really comfortable. But anyway, there it is. I think I should just ride this out, because in a couple of months it will be spring and hopefully then I’ll be back in skirts all the time. And then maybe I can consider a new pair of jeans for next autumn. Oh, the urge to shop! Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Compact update: temptation…

  1. You could take them to a tailor, which I’ve heard is really cheap here. My sister lost a bunch of weight using weight watchers and had her nicest dresses and clothes she wore the most (jeans) taken in.

    • Thanks Maggie, that’s a really good idea. I hadn’t even considered that. Going to the tailor has to be cheaper than buying a new pair of jeans! I think I will try that 🙂

  2. And if the tailor doesn’t work, is there a new friend you have met who would like your old jeans as a gift? Or is there a clothing donation place nearby?

    Temptations! You are doing great!

    • Haha, I think laziness is a great asset for me when it comes to the Compact! Temptation is there, but I am just so not in the mood to go to a shop and try on new jeans, etc. I also seem to be too lazy to go to the tailor (for the moment). Laaaaaazy. The weather has been great and I’ve had time off so I’ve been trying to make the most of it by getting outside and going to yoga. So, no time for shopping. And hopefully soon it will just be warm so I can wear all my skirts and summer wear and I won’t even need to worry about jeans for a few more months.

      But yes, tailor is a great idea, and giving my jeans away is definitely my second option. I’m sure there is someone who will take them. Thanks for the ideas and encouragement 🙂

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