Just a little of this and that…

I’m just waiting for the tea to boil now, so I thought I would write my daily update. We managed to get out of bed a bit earlier today, and hopefully we’ll be very productive. We’ve got a few important things to do, such as get our Turkish social security numbers at the tax office nearby, and go to the post office. We need to get social security numbers in order to open a bank account here. And I hope today I have more success with the post office than I did last week.

Also, Richie’s had a bit of a sore back, probably from sitting on a stool in front of the computer for too many hours every day, so I’ve convinced him to do some morning stretching/yoga with me! I never thought this would happen. I’m certainly not trying to convert him to loving yoga, but he said he wanted to do some stretches or something for his stiff back, so there you go.

So, other than that, we both teach tonight, so we’ll have to do a bit of preparation.

Okay, the tea is about ready. Having my morning tea is quite possibly my favourite daily ritual. So, that’s all for now!


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