Beautiful day…

Oh. My. God. The weather was amazing today. It was so great. All these hints of spring  just make me feel so much more energetic. Today I felt like a coiled spring! I felt like running and leaping! I feel like doing something spontaneous. I feel like completely letting loose, going on a trip, doing something wild! I just feel the creative energy of summer quickly approaching and I find it hard to contain myself.

Well, anyway, I did some yoga, and then I dragged Richie out to get some sun, while its lasts (you never know when the weather will change). So we had some tea and talked about the EU and politics, and mulled over some ideas about our future plans. I don’t think they can actually be called ‘plans’ yet. They are far too vague and are more in the brainstorming category, but still.

Then Richie headed home to finish some planning for his class tonight, and I met a new friend that we work with at British Culture. Her name is Agatha, and she’s originally from Poland, but lived in London for a few years, and now is teaching English here. We had tea (I just can’t get enough tea, ever) and had a chat. She’s lovely. Now I’m home and I should be doing some planning for this weekend, but I don’t find that idea very motivating. I’m waiting for Richie to come home so I can throw together something for dinner and then we’re heading over to Ritim Bar nearby for our first ever Pub Quiz Night in Istanbul! Very exciting. Friends of our have been talking about organizing a pub quiz for ages, and things have finally settled enough for everyone for this to be possible. So, way to go Kathleen! Should be fun anyway. I’ll let you know how its goes.


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