A recent culinary experience…

It sounds weird, strange, exotic, interesting, enticing (perhaps horrible, depending on your personal taste and your level of adventurousness when it comes to food). I’d been hearing about it for months. Many students had recommended it to me. They seemed so shocked that I hadn’t yet tried it. So, last week we finally went for it and ordered some at a local cafe known for its amazing desserts.

Chicken pudding. Tavuk gogsu. Thick, sticky, strange. Its of a consistency unlike anything else I’ve ever eaten. Its so sticky and gooey its hard to cut through with a spoon. You can have it sprinkled with cinnamon or in a slightly different recipe it has a caramelized outer layer (this one is called kazan di bi). Both are good. It is so odd though, I must admit, to be eating something sweet with the light taste and texture of very finely shredded chicken. Its a simple recipe, apparently extremely common in your average Turkish home. Every Turkish person I’ve talked about it with has said they love it.

Basically its a boiled chicken breast, shredded very finely, so its like little threads of chicken mixed with rice flour and sugar cooked in milk. You let it chill and serve it cold. I think it must be excellent with a nice, piping hot little cup of bitter-sweet Turkish coffee. Yum.


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