The great Beykent caper of 2010…

Note: this blog post was actually written about a month ago, but I wanted to make sure it was okay with those involved if I published it. Last week they left Turkey, so I think they’re safe! Haha.

This is the tale of the Great Beykent Caper of 2010, as told to us by our friends Stephanie* and Eric* when they stopped over at our apartment on their last evening in Istanbul before departing for a holiday in Kusidasi.

Well, I worked with both Stephanie and Eric in Beykent, and they were nearly the last of our friends to remain working at that institution. Everyone else, including me, jumped ship already. So, Stephanie and Eric were waiting until after the February holiday to get paid one last time and then quit.

Payday was meant to be the first Monday of the month, but EF/Beykent, being the fine establishment it is, had to delay paying everyone until Wednesday. This delay in payment also happened in January when I was preparing to quit as well. It doesn’t really inspire much confidence when late payment becomes the norm. And this time it was even worse because they said they could only pay HALF the wages on Wednesday, and didn’t seem to specific about when they would be paying the rest. So, first, they cut us all to half hours and half pay. Then the start paying people a quarter of the money the originally signed on for! Just crazy!

Anyway, S and E (who are flat mates) sent an email to one of the Beykent management explaining that they really need to receive all their wages because their landlord is upset about the late payment and they owe him money from last month too. They say the landlord has threatened to tell the police about these unofficial employees of the university and report Beykent for having illegal workers. They express their worry and deep concern about the situation.

So, Wednesday comes along, and Stephanie goes to EF to collect the wages. He, oops, I mean she’s ready to get all the money and not take any nonsense from the management there. So, in S goes, and management explains that they can still only pay half the wages. S just looks at her, arms crossed, and says nothing. S says that they need all their wages to pay the landlord, and nothing less than that will do. So, finally, management gives in to their demands. All the money is handed over.

Stephanie and Eric come to visit myself and Richie later on in the evening, and we have a bit of dinner together. They just had a few things to collect from their apartment, and then they were catching the 11.59 bus to… somewhere far away. Ah, how surprised and shocked they must have been the following morning when S and E just didn’t show up for work. I might sound a bit evil, but I have to admit it makes me giggle in a sort of diabolical way to hear about people getting a small revenge from Beykent, since they really screwed over so many people and continue to do so, without remorse, I might add. I hope everyone quits working there and finds a better job, and then they’ll have no one to exploit. Anyway, S and E are far away now, with their pockets full of money, and they are free of Beykent forever!

So, the moral of the story is: DON’T WORK FOR BEYKENT UNIVERSITY OR EF! That’s all.

*Names have been changed to protect those involved.

Additional note: Stephanie and Eric are now far away in Poland working at a new job for a few months. If you guys are reading this, good luck and I hope everything is going well!


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