When will winter be over?…

Man, its freezing cold today! I can’t believe I sat out last week and ate lunch with no coat on, in the sun by the Bosphorus! This weekend there was a short flurry of snow on Saturday, and yesterday and today it is cold and wintery. Bummer.

Well, today was yoga day, which is always good. I felt very tired this morning though, and yoga was a little more challenging than usual. I just didn’t feel like I was running on full energy. Tomorrow morning I have neither work nor yoga and shall sleep late and enjoy extra snuggly time in bed. Bliss.

On Saturday our friends Andrea and Diarmuid arrive from Dublin! Its gonna be amazing! And then the following Wednesday, my friend Jen arrives from Virginia. What a great month. There will be much eating and sightseeing and visits to the hamam for the women-folk. Best. Thing. Ever.

So, now, I should again try to apply myself to the task of lesson planning. I just want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep, but these lessons won’t plan themselves. Richie just returned from the shop with stuff so I can make some soup for dinner before we go teach and he said the sky looks strange and sort of green. Interesting.  I wonder what sort of crazy weather is in store for us this evening?


2 thoughts on “When will winter be over?…

  1. Aunt Mary called me to say that you had a 5.1 earthquake yesterday. Is that your greeen sky? Are you both ok?

    • Yeah, we’re safe and sound. The earthquake was in eastern Turkey, so it was really far away from us. Thanks for checking though 🙂

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