The most relaxing day yet…

Today has been lovely. I started my day at about 6.30am, waking up in a warm and sunny room. I was definitely groggy, and I’m really starting to feel these early mornings a bit more, but that’s just because I haven’t been taking the naps I swore I would take, nor have I been going to bed early, so there you go.

I washed my face, threw my books in my bag and headed out the door to Ortakoy, another area of the city where my student lives. I’ve decided to walk there and back, since the morning is such a lovely time of day, and taking the bus seems pointless because I have to walk halfway there anyway. So, it takes me about 45 minutes each way; good exercise.

Anyway, had my lesson, which was fun. Then walked home and by 10ish this morning it was already feeling pretty hot. By the time I got home I was hot and sweaty and tired from the uphill climb, so I jumped right into the shower and Richie went to the shop to get a few things for our dinner. We’ve decided to get in the habit of having our main meal during the day, since soon both of us will be working at night again and not getting home until 9 or 10. Today I tried out a new recipe I found online and it turned out pretty well.

Also, my friend Delpha came over and stayed for lunch, which was great. It was such a relaxing afternoon and I really enjoyed her company. She’s been such a help to me and Richie, with all kinds of things, since we’ve been in Istanbul. I don’t know what I would have done without her all these months.

Then I did some lesson planning, drank some coffee, read a bit, did some yoga and meditation, that kind of thing. Now I’ll probably plan a little more, read a little more, and wait until Richie comes home. Then I think we’ll have a bit of a snack (or ‘tea’, if you will), and I am DETERMINED to actually go to bed earlier tonight. And tomorrow’s Richie’s birthday, but I don’t know what exactly we’ll do for that. I guess it will be a surprise for us both!


4 thoughts on “The most relaxing day yet…

  1. Happy Birthday Richie!!!!!!!!!! I hope it’s the best! Ask Kim to take you to the baths.
    Kim, did you get the recipe from the site i gave you? 🙂

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