Well, Friday is the only day that Richie and I currently have off, so in theory, it is the day when we should do something ‘weekendy’. Today was nice and relaxing, but I felt like I spent an awful long time planning for lessons, and I think Richie did too. But we got some things done that we needed to do, so I feel good about that. Plus a bit of laundry, went for tea and had a brief wander around Besiktas, our new neighborhood. We just had a bit of dinner, some leftover eggplant/aubergine curry from yesterday, and later we’ll eat more of Richie’s birthday cake! Yum.

The weather is absolutely amazing. I think today and yesterday it has been around 30 degrees (so maybe somewhere in the 80s Fahrenheit). So, its hot. Its summer. But its nice. Not too hot. Its been great to get so much sunshine and even late at night you don’t need a jumper! We came home from the Thursday night pub quiz at about 1am and it was still so warm!

Ah, my dear friend Summer, oh how I’ve missed you. I’m glad we are finally reunited.


3 thoughts on “Friday…

  1. In my American head a “jumper” means a sort of dress, but I’m guessing that’s not what you meant! Jacket, perhaps?

    • Haha, international English lesson of the day: Jumper in Ireland/the UK is a sweater. But yeah, in my American brain, a jumper is a sort of little girl’s dress style.

  2. Your summer weather sounds fabulous, though it’s been bright here too – but with a bit of chill still in the air. Hope the birthday went well!

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