Compact update…

Well, this update is long overdue. To be honest, I haven’t really been thinking about my Compacting status at all, but due to the nature of our economic status, etc., I think I was accidentally the BEST COMPACTER EVER. Haha. Basically no new purchases for ages.

Well, I suppose there have been a few things. Last month I bought a few books: a book of poetry by Nazim Hikmet, who is, from what I’ve been told, one of best of the modern Turkish poets, and a language book on ‘colloquial Turkish for beginners.’ Not too bad.

The other purchases I’ve had to make are related to my new job. Since I have to look professional now, I’ve been buying a few new dresses and things to wear. But I don’t really think these purchases are avoidable. Ideally, I would be trying to find things in thrift shops, etc., but for one thing, I don’t know if there are many second-hand clothes shops here, and I also don’t have much time to shop. I’ve been sort of buying something the day before I teach, just so I have something to put on, so not much time for searching for thrift shops and all that. Hopefully what I’m buying is of a decent quality though, so at least it will last for a while. And once I have a small collection, I should be set for ages and not have to buy anything for quite a while. I think I will also soon be buying a bathing suit and a few summer tops etc. Its only a small investment though, but I have to have something to wear! I’m so excited to buy some tank tops and summer skirts for enjoying my first hot summer in ages! Its going to be amazing.

One good thing here is that, despite the lack of second-hand clothing stores, there do seem to be lots of second-hand furniture shops. So I think anything we need for the apartment (like a couch, hopefully) we should be able to get second hand. So that will be cheaper and less wasteful too!

I also have a non-Compact related confession to make. Last week I went to the supermarket and bought a couple of fresh fish for our dinner. I didn’t really know what they were (obviously every fish has a Turkish name and I’m not able to identify fish just by looking at them), but I made a mental note of the Turkish name so I could come home, look for a translation on the internet and then find some online recipes. Well, when I looked up what the fish were, I discovered they were some river trout, endemic to Turkey and CRITICALLY ENDANGERED! By this point of course, it was a bit too late to do anything about the situation, other than cook the fish and enjoy every bite of them because it was going to be the one and ONLY time we ever ate them. I have to say, they were really delicious, but I certainly can’t justify eating a fish that is nearing extinction. But this did remind me that there is tons of information about this sort of thing on the internet, and I highly recommend doing a bit of research if you’re a fish-eater to make sure you’re not eating endangered animals!

Well, not we’re getting ready to head out and enjoy this beautiful day. And my mission is to take TONS of photos, so hopefully I’ll have something to post later. Ciao!


3 thoughts on “Compact update…

  1. that’s horrible about the fish! but i don’t understand how a critically endangered fish could be affordable. what was the name?

    • I can’t remember the name of the fish exactly, but I’ll have to find it again and write down the name. Unfortunately, many fish are endangered and still rather easily available for consumption. I try to look up what I’m eating, to make sure its not on the endangered list, so even if I’ve bought it once unknowingly, I won’t make the same mistake in the future.

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