An amazing Friday (part 1)…

Yesterday was our day off and it was great! It was  hot and sunny and amazing, so we slathered on some sunscreen and headed out for a day of exploration. I  had big plans to explore some different spots up the Bosphorus, and Richie made the mistake of thinking I knew what I was doing, but I got the information all wrong. Oops. But we went up the road to Ortakoy, a lovely little ‘village’ on the water, and finally tried the famous Ortakoy waffles recommended by so many students. They’re great. A fresh waffle stuffed with all kinds of goodies: chocolate or caramel sauce, fresh fruit, candied fruit, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips, fresh cream, you name it. It was like a full meal, and we were on a sugar high afterwards, but it was amazing. We sat by the water and enjoyed the sun. Nearby a newly married couple were having their wedding photos taken with the beautiful scenery. We had a wander around and then headed back to Besiktas and took the ferry over to Kadikoy. I just really wanted to be on the water on such a hot and summery day. It was great because we sat outside and enjoyed the fresh sea air and saw some really cool giant barges on our way.

We went to a nice little cafe for some tea and sour cherry juice and rested in the shade. Then we headed back home to change and went out for dinner in Besiktas. It was great to be out on a Friday night, eat some great food, drink a bit of raki and have a nice long chat. I’ve sort of felt that the last few weeks have been so busy and hectic that, even though I see Richie every day, we haven’t had much relaxing time to just hang out with each other and talk and feel normal and calm. So I was really happy we could go out on a date and catch up properly 🙂

Well, now I better head off to work, but I have a few more photos to add later!


One thought on “An amazing Friday (part 1)…

  1. Kimberly, you look SOOOO stinkin’ cute with those bangs! I LOVE it! The pics are fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Glad you guys had a great day!!

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