I am just so domestic…

Sometimes I amaze myself. Haha. Not really. But I have really been enjoying some of the simple pleasures of life this past week. A couple of my evening classes were cancelled, which normally isn’t great news, but I’m still working plenty despite that, and I’ve decided to just enjoy a couple extra evenings free before its back to crazy schedule!

It also worked out well because I got sick the other day. It hit me quite suddenly on Tuesday night. I got such a sore throat I could barely swallow, a migraine headache and possibly a fever. I laid awake most of the night just feeling terrible. Then, about 5.30am (about an hour before I was supposed to get up to go to my early morning English lesson) I feel asleep. I woke up at 6.30 but decided to cancel my lesson so I sent my student a text and then passed out for a few more hours. Later in the morning I got some stuff from the pharmacy and felt better quickly after that. Now its just a normal cold, so nothing to worry about. But its nice to have a bit more rest time this week so I can get over this cold as quickly as possible.

But anyway, I’ve just really enjoyed having a nice apartment to look after and keep clean and tidy. And with a lovely kitchen to cook in, I’ve gotten back into cooking big time. Its so fun. And all the summer foods are just great. I’ve just been washing and preparing all the salad greens so they’re ready for just throwing together a salad any time we fancy one. I’m letting some fresh strawberries dry off a bit before I stick them in the freezer to use for smoothies throughout the week. We went to the market today and its the first time I’ve bought peaches in years! Yum. And I cooked up what is possibly Richie’s ultimate favourite food, liver, for our dinner as a special treat. More yum.

We also picked mulberries today, by using a long umbrella to grab one of the tree branches outside our sitting room window and picking off all the ripe berries we could reach. It’s so nice to have NATURE. After berry-picking, a little green katydid/beetle sort of thing landed on my finger, and I enjoyed checking it out for a minute before it flew away. And then a red dove came and sat on the windowsill right next to me and I think this time it was the bird that was observing me. It seemed quite curious and was blinking and looking at me from all different angles, but I don’t think it quite knew what to make of me in the end.

Now Richie’s gone off to work for the evening, so I think I’ll try to get some planning done and then just enjoy this beautiful evening.


One thought on “I am just so domestic…

  1. I wish you would send me some fresh recipes. Mine get to be very old and boring. Your apartment looksl lovely.

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