More linguistic difficulties…

Well, I just went to the pharmacy to get myself some cough syrup. I was up again last night for hours coughing up my lungs! It was incredibly annoying. Lucky for me, both my morning and evening class cancelled for today, so I can get some extra rest and maybe actually get over this cold!

Anyway, I got the cough syrup and the pharmacist told me to take it 3 times a day after eating. No problem. Then I got home and opened up the little box and discovered my cough ‘syrup’ comes in powder form. I’ve just been sitting here using a terrible internet translator and the Turkish instructions to try and figure out what I’m supposed to do with the stuff! Online translation sites are so, so useless. I already knew this, but I don’t have many other options. Anyway, I just had to make an educated guess, mix a spoon of the powder with some water, knock it back and wait and see what happens. I wouldn’t do this with most things, but I figure that cough syrup usually isn’t the most dangerous of substances. Fingers crossed it’ll do the trick!


6 thoughts on “More linguistic difficulties…

  1. be very careful, getting pnemonia easily runs in the family.
    make hot toddies to break up the infection.
    lemon jucice- 2 tblsp
    honey- 2 tlsp
    whiskey-1 shot
    tea – 1 cup
    stay in bed and covered up. Maybe, this will help

  2. Kim, are you telling us this in case something goes terribly wrong we can understand what it was and maybe doctors will some how find this written record of what you’ve done? That’s often what I do if I eat something questionable or do something else I think could potentially kill me: call or write someone about what i did. good luck buddy! hope that cough is gone real soon.


    • Hahaha, yeah, now you can be a witness if I overdose on a teaspoon of cough syrup/powder! Its a good backup plan. The good thing is that this is the nicest cough cure type thing I’ve ever taken. Sort of like a citrusy vitamin C supplement or something. Yum.

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