Life is good…

Ah, I love Fridays! It was our day off and it was great. Richie has been working a million hours a week, so I think he especially needed and enjoyed the free time.

If I owned a DeLorean that could travel back in time, I would definitely have bought these sunglasses. Then I could travel back in time to when these glasses would have been cool! Oh, yeah.

We got up and had breakfast at home and then headed out to enjoy the sunny day. We had thought a bit about going to the Princes Islands, but Richie wanted to do something a little more low-key, which was fine, so we headed to Ortakoy instead. We drank tea by the Bosphorus, watching the ships and ferry boats and little fishing boats pass to and fro under the Bosphorus Bridge. We ate waffles! Ah, so decedent. So delicious. Then we did a bit of browsing around in some of the shops which was fun. So many lovely things! I sometimes want to buy everything. It would be great to be a tourist and feel justified in purchasing all the cute and pretty things you wanted since you only had the one chance. However, I am not a tourist at the moment and must exercise self-restraint. Its still fun to look though! Then we got a comfy seat at my favourite cafe in Ortakoy and had a Turk kahvesi and cay (Turkish coffee and tea) and talked and talked. I always love those moments so much. Talking is my favourite. I have so many nice memories of going out with Richie for coffee or for a meal and a drink and just sitting for hours and hours talking about everything. Its great to be out somewhere because you’re free of the distractions of everyday life, so you can really just enjoy a chat 100%. I always feel so happy and satisfied after a lovely long talk like that.

Then we walked back home, which was necessary because those waffles are HUGE, and we needed to work off some of our sugar high. Then we just chilled out at home and had a late dinner, etc. Overall, it was a great day and so refreshing.


2 thoughts on “Life is good…

  1. I think that it’s awesome that one of your favorite things to do is sit around and chat with your husband! You’ll probably appreciate special talking times like that even more if you guys have a family. It’s hard to talk about anything meaningful with a bunch of littles running around, so I also treasure those times when Peter and I can sit around and chat by ourselves!

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