Sunny Saturday…

Well, this past week was super busy and I’m wrecked, but enjoying a day off. This week I had a teen class every morning for three hours at the school, and a couple of evenings with my business students. It isn’t such a huge amount of work, but since I haven’t taught teenagers for so long, and didn’t have much time to pre-plan before the week started, I ended up spending tons of time planning and preparing during the week. I’m sure it will be easier in the future, but this week it really wore me out!

I suppose its always the same with a new class or new level of students that you’ve never taught before. The first time around you have to do tons of extra work and its really time consuming getting everything prepared properly. But then its worth it when the class goes (at least somewhat) smoothly.

If nothing else, it makes me appreciate this day off even more than usual!!! I think I was also pretty tired this week because on the nights I wasn’t teaching, I went to yoga. I had a three-yoga-session week, and it was hard work. But after the hectic and mentally draining mornings with the kids, I just wanted to treat myself to something  healthy and fun. Its also a good way for me to get out of my noisy thoughts and focus on something else for a while.

The down side of this week is that Richie and I don’t have any day off together, and I always look forward to taking some day trip or going somewhere for a relaxing day drinking tea or sightseeing or whatever. I’m hoping that tomorrow night after he finishes work we’ll be able to go out for dinner or something. And next week is our (2nd) three year wedding anniversary, so on whatever night we’re both free we’ll definitely go for a nice meal to celebrate! I can’t wait!

So, the day is sunny, hot and gorgeous, I’ve got some freshly-washed sheets hanging out on the line, the dishes are all done, and I’ve tidied up the rest of the flat, so now I’m going to sit down with a cup of green tea and a book and forget about the world for a while.


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