Surprisingly busy summer…

So I was all mentally prepared for a summer of very little work and a tight budget. Much to my surprise, work is holding up just fine and I don’t think we’ll be broke any time in the near future! (knock on wood)

I just got my new schedule for the next 9-week term and I’ll be super busy! I’ve got evening classes Monday to Thursday and then an eight-hour teaching day on Sundays, with two four-hour classes! Plus I have a private student three mornings a week. Wow. So I think my weeks will be very busy and I’ll have to be organized to stay on top of everything, but at the same time, I have a real TWO-DAY WEEKEND; Fridays and Saturdays off. Sweet. I’ve sort of forgotten that for many people, a two-day weekend is normal. Now I feel lazy if I have two days off. Richie’s schedule is currently changing as some classes finish, although he’s likely to get some new ones that are starting in the next couple of weeks. At least we’ll definitely have Fridays off together still. That’s super important to me. Last week I worked on Friday morning and he worked on Friday night, and even though it was just one week of not sharing a day off, I felt quite disappointed about it. I’m glad it won’t happen very often.

So, that’s the news. Richie’s just gone off for 1 hour of work, and when he comes back I hope to have dinner finished. I’m trying out a new recipe, including some tomato and lamb stew served over an eggplant/aubergine dish called ‘Sultan’s delight’. I had it once in a restaurant and it was absolutely amazing. Hopefully this recipe will be good too.


2 thoughts on “Surprisingly busy summer…

  1. Great news, Kim. I’m really happy for you. Lots of love to you both. Hope dinner turned out well– I’m quite sure it was delicious!!

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