Why is it raining?!…

Today Richie and I were hoping to have a day out at the Princes’ Islands or something, to celebrate our anniversary. We were hoping for a bright sunny day, a trip on the ferry and a delicious meal of fresh fish near the sea. Well, its not going to happen. Rain is spilling from the heavens, so no island trip for us.

We’ve changed our plans to include a DVD day with dinner out at a local place. We’re waiting for a break in the rain to walk in to Besiktas. Hopefully we won’t get too soaked. It is sort of refreshing to have a cool rainy day though. I have been enjoying the heat and sun, but still. Variety is the spice of life. And its still nice to have a day off together, no matter what we end up doing.


2 thoughts on “Why is it raining?!…

  1. happy anniversary you two! i feel like it’s been forever and a day since i’ve seen you with no pub quiz 😦

    • Too true. Maybe next week you can come over to our place some night after we finish work. I’ll see if Dan and Kathleen, and Amanda and Sara wanna head over one night and you’ll definitely have to come too! 🙂

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