I heart the interweb…

Well, we finally got our internet back! Richie got to play phone tag with customer service people and technical support who only spoke Turkish for a few days, but this morning bright and early someone showed up to have a look at the problem. Turns out we needed a new modem, so Richie bought one this evening and now we’re reconnected to the cyberworld! Yippee!

So, life continues much as usual. We’re still working lots of hours, which is good, but I’m also feeling quite worn out. I mostly feel mentally and emotionally worn out, but then yesterday, I also pulled a muscle in my back, so that was just the last straw. I don’t think its anything too serious, but it was disheartening. Tomorrow I’m only working two hours in the morning though, and my student is hopefully coming here so I don’t have to go to her place, so I can rest most of the day. I think it will be fine in a couple of days.

Istanbul is a sort of non-stop place. Everyone is constantly working, there’s always something or lots of things happening, there’s noise, traffic, pollution, everyone is trying to get from place to place, take what’s theirs and sometimes it feels a bit tough. We’ve been working practically non-stop for a year now, and I just feel like I’m a bit tired of it all. I like my job and our overall standard of living is good, and all that, but I just want and need a break. I want to forget about it all for a little while.

So, now that our internet is working again, we can really start planning our September holiday. We’re not really sure where we want to go, but I think planning our trip will be fun and motivating work. It will be great to actually have something booked and know for certain that we will escape from this massive, demented city for a few days! Thank god!

That’s all the update for now. I just got back from a long teaching day and it is time to eat ice cream.


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