Brain takes a day off…

Well, today has been a REAL day off, and I’ve enjoyed feeling carefree and doing random mindless stuff for a whole day. I haven’t even left the apartment. I’ve written posts on my blog (obviously), I’ve played silly computer games, I’ve laid on the floor and looked out the window, I’ve watched rain fall and sun shine, I’ve read poetry and I even wrote a bit (which I haven’t even attempted to do in AGES), I’m slowly cooking tomorrows dinner (because I have a mental teaching day tomorrow, which I’m not really looking forward to at the moment, and therefore am pretending it doesn’t exist), did about 5 minutes of planning for a lesson and then abandoned it because my brain has checked out today. It feels good. I need to do this more often.

Oh, I also spent some time researching holiday destinations on the internet. In September Richie and I FINALLY have some time off, ten days to be exact, and will hopefully be heading to the Aegean coast of Turkey for some swimming, eating, drinking, sightseeing and lots and lots and lots of RELAXING. No classes and no thoughts about jobs or responsibilities for 10 whole days. Bliss. Hopefully we’ll be able to book our tickets and reservations this week. I’ll feel even better once we actually have reservations made. That’s when holidays start to feel real!

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