Just the way summer should be…

Yesterday was one of those just-right days. Richie and I had a leisurely morning and its always nice on Fridays because we don’t have to rush off somewhere or keep to a schedule. We lounged around the flat for a while, catching up on email/news etc, I ate some freakin’ amazing fresh melon for breakfast, and indulged in the morning tea drinking ritual with gusto.

We headed out to an old favourite of ours, the Palestinian falafel restaurant in Taksim Square. Yum. Yum. Yum. Creamy hummus and delicious falafel. And sitting outside on a sunny day, in a bit of shade, watching the world go by as we ate and chatted.

I wanted to get a couple of new books to read. I’ve been reading some good things, but various non-fiction sort of things and some poetry, but I really wanted to get a  novel. So we went to our favourite book shop here and I got a couple things. Incidentally, I didn’t buy a novel, but I got Dante’s Inferno (poetry) and a book by one of the great classical Japanese Haiku poets, Basho (mixture of poetry and travelogue through medieval (?) Japan).

Then, as we were still stuffed from our falafelling, we went to our old tea garden! I haven’t been back there in months, basically since we moved to Besiktas, so it was nice to continue our chatting and drink tea in one of my favourite places. Then…. ICE CREAM. Beautiful, creamy, decadent Italian ice cream.

We headed home after that because Richie needed to do a bit of prep for his Saturday teaching. I started on some Dante, we had leftover curry for dinner and at about 9 we set out for a free concert in a nearby park. Some friends were there, so we sat on a blanket, had a few drinks, enjoyed the cool breeze on a humid night and enjoyed the music. I really hope they have more concerts like this! What a great way to spend a summer night! I absolutely loved it. It was great to see all kinds of people out enjoying themselves, families, hippie-types doing interpretive dance to the music, people of all ages enjoying a bit of nature in Istanbul and some really cool music.

So, conclusion? Great day.


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