Starved for Attention: rewrite the story of malnutrition…

Today I’ve spent some time watching parts of an amazing documentary series about childhood malnutrition around the world. These short multi-media documentaries are part of a joint Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and VII Photo Agency campaign to spread awareness and ultimately bring an end to childhood malnutrition, which causes millions and millions of deaths every year, and, most tragically, is preventable.

I watched a couple parts of the series today and it broke my heart. The stories, the powerful photos and videos and the important information are truly moving and I admit it brought tears to my eyes. It is seriously heart-breaking how brutal life on this earth is for so many people, and I can’t help but feeling I need to do so much more to share what I have with others. I don’t think we can ever have a peaceful world until everyone can have the basic necessities of life. Peace and justice are something we can all work to create in our lives, by practising generosity, in small and great ways, every day.

I think most people I know are amazingly generous people and really do their part to make the world a better, more just and loving place to live in. Over and over I have been inspired by the compassionate hearts of people I’ve been lucky enough to know.  All the same, I really recommend watching these videos. You’ll be inspired to keep being generous in all areas of your life, and maybe even push yourself to the next level of generosity! I once read a quote that went something along these lines: the human heart is infinite in size, it just needs to be pulled and stretched regularly to help it reach its potential. Our human capacity to love and practice compassion is as vast as the universe, and we can practice opening our hearts wider and wider every day for the rest of our lives. Not a bad way to spend this life!

Anyway, here’s part one. I think the video speaks for itself and doesn’t really need me blabbing about it!
PS. Its from YouTube so if you’re in Turkey you can’t see it!

Update: Actually, I’d like to add something to what I wrote yesterday. I think another important aspect of generosity is being a well-informed giver. When choosing organizations to support or when considering that some of our hard-earned money in the form of taxes are going to aid in developing countries, we must be informed and make sure these resources are being used in the most responsible and efficient way possible. I think this video certainly highlights the importance of that. The focus must be what’s best for those we want to help, rather than what is the most convenient for us or what makes us feel good. If it’s not effective, we waste our generosity, and no one wins in that situation. Lets do our research and make sure that doesn’t happen!


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