Lazy morning…

Well, it’s our usual Friday free day, but we haven’t been very active so far. Last night we went to a friend’s apartment for dinner and drinks, which was really fantastic. She’s a student of mine, but we thought it would be nice to do something social. As we were making these plans during our morning lesson, her mother was there and volunteered to cook amazing food for us! So, after work and whatnot, it was myself and Richie, Nursah (my student) and her boyfriend Serdar, feasting on delicious home-cooked Turkish food. It was better than a restaurant. We had a delicious prawn/shrimp dish with a home-made spicy tomato sauce topped with cheese baked in the oven, breaded calamari rings, stuffed artichokes, potato salad, carrot and yogurt salad (one of my new favourite easy dishes) and some green salad too. Then we just hung out, had some summery gin-and-tonics and talked about this and that. We got home pretty late, hence the lazy morning.

So, we’re just sort of gearing up now to head out and do something with this day. It will probably involve eating. It always involves eating. Thank god for the many hills of Istanbul to keep all that eating from catching up with us!


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