Gratitude Project 2010…

I got this great idea from ChildWild and I’m excited to share it! Basically, the idea is to celebrate the abundance in our lives throughout the end-of-summer-early-autumn-harvesty-time of year. So, from August 1st (well, August 4th; I’m a bit late) until the Autumn Equinox, I’ll be posting something I’m grateful for every day. I think this is a good follow-up to my recent ‘day of celebrating’ and it’s a good excuse to have a prolonged period of deliberately looking at the positive things in my life.

I read somewhere a long time ago, that being positive and cheerful, or conversely negative and pessimistic, are really just habits. Thoughts come and go all the time in our minds, and different experiences happen and we can’t usually control them. But we do have control over what thoughts, emotions and actions we indulge in, focus on and perpetuate. If we choose to see the negative side of things over and over again, it becomes a habit and almost seems natural. However, it works the same for being positive and choosing happiness. It doesn’t mean we should suppress negative thoughts and feelings, or think we’re bad for having them. It just means we can try not taking ourselves too seriously all the time. And we can make an effort to notice and appreciate all the great things we have. I know this is something I need to work on more and here’s my chance!

So, here’s my first official entry. It might sound crazy, but I’m grateful for having work burnout. First of all, I’m grateful that I have a good, (currently) steady, and generally very satisfying and challenging job. I am grateful for the opportunity to actually learn a skill and progress in a rewarding occupation. I am grateful for all the resources available to me at my job, including kind, funny and very professional colleagues full of experience and knowledge. I’m grateful for doing a job I generally find enjoyable enough, that pays our bills and provides us with the income we need to do things we enjoy and to prepare for our future.

I’m also grateful for my current state of job burnout because it’s evidence that I’ve been working a lot and pushing myself and learning new things at a rapid rate! I’m also grateful because it means I am human after all and that I’m not just a work-obsessed robot! It sucks to feel tired and short on inspiration and motivation, but for AGES I felt like all I could think about was teaching,  teaching, teaching, and generally my related feelings of inadequacy and fear of FAILURE! But, lo and behold, I am a bit more multi-faceted and well-rounded than all that. Lately, I’ve been reading and writing poetry which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, I’ve done a bit of painting, I’ve taken more time to sit on my balcony doing NO-THING but watching birds and bats fly about and the sun set and the sky change colours and the clouds float by. I’m so happy and grateful to know for certain that I’m not a machine! I was beginning to wonder.

So there. Gratitude Project, Day 1. If your interested in giving the Gratitude Project a go, I’d love to hear about all the things your grateful for! I’ll try to post something every day, and if you’d like to share, leave a comment about what you’re grateful for too!

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude Project 2010…

  1. That’s awesome Kim! Thanks for the inspiration! This was almost hard to say, but I’m grateful that I have a house where someone can stay when they are on the outs. Whew, nothing negative lol…That feels awesome!

    I’m also grateful for FB where I get to get back in touch with old friends like you!

    • Hey Stephanie, thanks a million for sharing 🙂 I’m sure whoever you’re helping out is definitely thankful to have you as a friend. Hope things are well with you! I’m really looking forward to having a chance to catch up face to face whenever I’m next in the Region!

      All the best 🙂

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