Gratitude Project…

Today I spent approximately 5 million hours at work (sadly, I don’t get paid for all of those hours). I had a class from 2.30-4.30. Then, a long awaited reunion with some other students who have cancelled for about 3 months straight was supposed to occur this evening at 6pm. I sat around the staff room, did lots of planning, behaved like a really motivated and responsible teacher, waiting for them.

Six o’clock approached. I became suspicious that the wayward students wouldn’t arrive. I just had a hunch. I wondered if I wasted all my responsible energy for nothing. Six o’clock came and went. Ten minutes dragged past. I went upstairs to inquire with the coordinator of corporate students what the heck was going on. She tried to ring the company. NO answer. Rude.

To cut to the chase, the students were a no-show. It’s even more annoying because I was offered another student to teach, but had to turn the class down because these guys were supposed to start up again. However, on the positive side, tonight’s non-lesson counts as a late cancelation and I get paid for it. Not too bad for doing almost nothing.

Three hours and eleven minutes later, I am still in the staff room. I am currently drinking instant coffee out of a paper cup. I have been far too responsible for one evening. I’ve done tons and tons of planning for my weekend classes. I have looked at dresses I could possibly wear to a friend’s wedding in a year’s time (a bit premature, I know, but I wanted to do something fun and mindless). I’m running out of ideas. I’m still here because after all the other teachers finish their classes we shall take a taxi together to Pub Quiz night, which should be fun.

So, after all that rambling, I’ll tell you what I’m grateful for: getting paid for three hours of work even though I did diddly-squat; for getting to have a Gmail chat with my fantastique friend Andrea (!!!!!!), for upcoming pub-quizzery, and for getting lots of planning done so I can relax more on my ‘weekend’. So, not too bad overall. 

What are you grateful for today? Please share!

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