Gratitude Project: friends…

So, today I just want to say I am so so SO grateful for all the great friends I have in my life. I spent a great day yesterday with a new friend Tuğbek, eating pizza, drinking coffee and talking about life for hours. It was excellent. Today I had a long and tiring work day, but just after dinner, I got a Skype call from one of my lovely friends from Dublin, Ivano, and it was so great to have a chat and laugh till my stomach hurt. A few days ago I had a Gmail chat with another friend I absolutely couldn’t live without, Andrea. I also talked to another friend this evening who I haven’t seen in weeks. Life has been very busy and chaotic, but we’re planning to get together next weekend to catch up. And I have a lunch date with my buddy Nurşah on Wednesday.

I could go on and on and on about the fantastic friends I have, and about how rich they make my  life. But even if I wrote a book about them all, it still wouldn’t do them justice.

I feel very loved today. Thanks everyone.


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