Yippee for Meatless Mondays!…

I’ve heard of so many people trying out this Meatless Monday thing and I think it’s a great idea. Here’s why:

1. It’s just ONE day (three meals) of meatlessness per week. Just a small change from whatever your normal diet might be.

2. Going meatless for one day saves money.

3. Having a little less meat in your diet is healthier for you. Cut out some saturated fats, cholesterol, (depending on what country you live in- i.e. the USA or weather or not you eat organic meat) cut out strange hormones and anti-biotics and not-so-good-for-you stuff in meat. Your body will be happier!

4. It’s better for the environment. Raising grain to feed animals to eat uses TONS of water. Tons. It’s crazy. It’s a terribly inefficient and wasteful process.

Richie and I have mostly cut meat out of our diets, both red meats and poultry. I must confess that we do eat fish and we have meat sometimes, so I can make no claims for being a vegetarian or anything. But having drastically reduced my meat consumption, I definitely feel healthier. I don’t think eating meat is the worst thing in the world, and I realize that being vegetarian isn’t for everyone. But Meatless Mondays are something everyone can do to improve their health and the health of their family, to save a bit of money and to do something positive for the environment.

Read more about the Meatless Mondays campaign, some shocking information about America’s growing meat consumption and the inefficiency of meat production, and find links to some tasty non-meat recipes here at WeLiveSimply.

If you decide to give Meatless Mondays a try, I’d love to hear about your experiences, thoughts, and recipes you’ve tried. Please share! On upcoming Mondays I’ll post some of my favourite non-meat recipes too!


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