‘My Big Fat Straight Wedding’…

Here’s an excellent article on gay marriage and American’s shifting concept of gay and lesbian relationships and the right of all individuals to marry. It’s a great read and I found it quite moving.

I think one of the interesting things the author mentions is that a younger generation of gay and lesbian people (say, people in their 20s) see themselves as individuals first and foremost, and second, they see themselves as gay. They are completely normal people who simply want to participate in the same family life that everyone else is entitled to, the same family life that they were brought up in, and believe is important.

For me, this has become obvious. I must admit, that I thought differently when I was in high school, due to religious and cultural influences I’d received up until that point. But I think a key thing is that when you meet gay people out in the world, it becomes very difficult to think a) they are fundamentally different than a straight person and b) that there is something ‘disordered’ or wrong about them. I am lucky to have met many gay and lesbian people when I was in college, who made me a much more open-minded individual and changed my thoughts on things completely. Since then, I’ve made some truly amazing friendships with people who are gay or lesbian, and I can’t imagine thinking they are anything but normal and entitled to the same rights as heterosexual people.

I would love to say something more coherent about why I’m so happy that the ban on same-sex marriage in California (the infamous Proposition 8 ) has been overturned and gay and lesbian couples can now marry in the state of California. Unfortunately, it’s only 8.30 am and I haven’t even had my morning tea yet, so my braincells are still sleeping. But I can say that it makes me proud of my country to see such an important step towards equality being taken.

So, that’s all for now. I’ll share more later.


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