I think I’m melting…

It’s hot. At 7am it’s hot. At midnight it’s hot. And everything in between is hot. I just walked back home from my morning class, and the sun is just beating down. Today there is a nice breeze which really helps, but still… it’s hot.

It’s that type of summer weather when you’r body and brain sort of slow down to a crawl and you feel like a bit of a melted blob just sitting around the house or in some bit of shade you can find. It’s difficult to think to much. Or say too much. Inaction is the best action at times like this.

But I know we’ll miss the sun and heat when it’s over and winter comes again. Then I’ll be dreaming of sweaty days and wearing tank tops and skirts and having all the windows open in the apartment. Summer is pretty great, I can’t deny it.

Now I’m just going to sit like a vegetable until Richie gets home. Then maybe I’ll muster the energy to make some dinner and then vegetate again before I have to go back to work. Hopefully I won’t melt.


One thought on “I think I’m melting…

  1. the heat and humidity finally gave us a few days off. The birds are flocking already and I am praying winter is still far away but I don’t think so. Do you have a fan? The grass the bushes and the animals are all looking like winter will soon be here. OMG I am not ready for it. Stay hot!!!!

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