Ikuo Hirayama and Japan Media Arts Festival at Pera Museum…

Richie wasn’t working this morning, and I was feeling restless (big surprise) so we took advantage of the extra joint-free time to visit the Pera Museum. I love this museum more than any other I’ve ever been too, and today they certainly didn’t disappoint.

The first exhibition we saw was the Japan Media Arts Festival, and it was both fun and AMAZING! It was lots of interactive installation-type art. What was so impressive is that these different ‘pieces’ were interesting mixes of science, math, physics, computers, manga (Japanese graphic novels), anime and other stuff. There was music. There were amazing interactive visuals of different kinds. There were video games. There was a textile/embroidery computer program. I can’t really describe the stuff very well, but I’ve never had so much fun looking at and playing with ‘art’. Dead cool.

The other exhibition was work by the Japanese artist well known for his many journeys along the Silk Road and his paintings depicting the meeting of East and West. There were watercolour and ink paintings, but my favourites were the ones painted with mineral pigments. So cool. They had really interesting textures and beautiful colours. There was one in particular that I absolutely loved, with such lush, bright greens and vibrant blues; a forest scene with a rushing stream. It was huge and I just wanted to climb into the painting, breath in the earthy smell of the forest and I think I actually got thirsty imagining the fresh stream flowing along. I wanted to take it home. Although, unfortunately it is far too big to fit into our apartment. Maybe we can move into a new, BIGGER apartment just so I can have that painting on my wall! I fell in love with it and I must have it!

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about art before and I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed an exhibition so much. I want to see it all again. So, if you’re in Istanbul, I STRONGLY recommend checking it out. Read more here and here.


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