Day of nothing…

So, yesterday was a lovely, relaxing day. We were up late Thursday night due to some pub quizzing, so we slept in a bit Friday morning. We lazed about the apartment a bit and then decided to check out the Sea Museum in Besiktas, since it’s so near to us. Well, it was pretty lame, but oh well. It was mainly just paintings of ships and models of ships, and a few mannequins with various Turkish naval uniforms from the olden days to the present. After that we walked to Ortakoy, ate some kumpir (big, fat baked potatoes stuffed with all kinds of goodies), then had tea and I smoked some strawberry flavoured nargile. Yum.

After a great conversation with my friend Deniz the day before, I decided that I need to spend more time doing nothing. Just relax. And so that’s exactly what I did yesterday. It was beautiful.

Now I’ve just returned from yoga and should get to work on some planning for tomorrow.


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