Gratitude Project: Zafer Bayram aka Victory Day…

I’m not exactly sure what the victory is, but I’ve been told it is connected to the end of the Ottoman Empire and the beginning of the Turkish Republic, and it’s related to Turkish independence, and such. And it’s a national holiday, so that means a day off work! So, I’ve just had my morning cup of tea on the balcony on this cooler and somewhat overcast Monday while reading a chapter of the Iliad, followed by some yoga and meditation. Nice start.

So, later I’m heading in the direction of Taksim Square to make an appointment for a massage that some lovely friends got me for my birthday! My gift certificate expires soon so I need to get in there before we go away on holiday. I really cannot wait for this massage. What a excellent treat.

Then Richie and I will do something. Not sure what. I’m glad to have this day though because on Friday, our usual ‘weekend’, I felt pretty out of it. I think I’ve had some kind of stomach bug or minor food related illness. Whatever it is, it’s annoying. So today will hopefully be a much more fun and exciting re-do of Friday!

So, there you go. Lots to be grateful for.

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