Sun, fun and relaxation (holiday Part 1)…

Well, last night we returned from our absolutely fantastic holiday. I have so much to tell and about a billion photos to sort through, so I’m just going to slowly report on the holiday bit by bit.

We started out in Kuşadası, a city on the Aegean coast (aka western Turkey). A friend’s parents have a summer house there and they were so good as to let us stay with them for a few days! It was great to meet up with them and we enjoyed some pleasant chats. Their summer home is in the suburbs of Kuşadası, so it was nice and quiet. There was a swimming pool, lovely trees and gardens with some delicious smelling flowers, and from the top balcony on the three storey house you had an excellent view of the area, hills and the sea and the city, and at night there was the extra bonus of stars! In Istanbul, with all its light pollution, your lucky to see one or two, so this was a treat. And it was just a 5 minute walk or so to the beach! I swam in the Aegean sea almost every day. It was my first time swimming in a warm sea and I loved it. There were some nice little bars and cafes along the beach, so we spent a couple of evenings sitting there, sipping on a beer, listening to the waves wash up on the sandy shore, watching the sun to down and the stars come out.

I instantly felt calmer and all thoughts of work and life and stress and busy-ness just evaporated. It just felt so good to wash off a years worth of thinking and working in the salty waves of the sea. The air was so clean and refreshing. There was pretty much non-stop sun. It was beautiful.

Here are a few photos to get you started.


2 thoughts on “Sun, fun and relaxation (holiday Part 1)…

    • Okay, I’m used to swimming in the north Atlantic or the similarly not-at-all-warm Irish Sea, so compared to that, swimming in the Aegean is like being in the bath 😉 I didn’t even need a wetsuit! Haha

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