Sometimes I really love my job…

…although it’s pretty exhausting. Saturday is my busiest work day at the moment, with two three-hour classes and a morning full of planning. It might not sound like much, but it’s quite a full teaching day. However, it’s also my most rewarding day. I absolutely love the adult elementary class I teach on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s the first larger class I’ve had, with 9 students. They also have really good attendance, which means that I actually get to try new and interesting activities and various sorts of group work, etc. They are also lovely and enthusiastic and I feel like I’m really teaching them something and they’re really learning! Fun.

I also have a kids class once a week on Saturday evenings. Today was class number three. It’s been quite a learning curve these past few weeks, but today I felt like things went better, the kids got some good practice in, and we had some fun too playing some games and whatnot. By the time I finish with them, I am absolutely wrecked, and I also know I have a lot of improving to do with that class, but this evening when I finished, I felt good about the class. The kids are really cute and funny too, so that makes it nice. They’re 10-12, with just one 13 year old, so it’s a nice age. They still like learning and want to impress you and they still like teachers too! Yippee for me!

So, that’s it really. We just had a nice hearty dinner of some lentil and aubergine casserole, which really hit the spot on this cold, dark night. I think we’ve completely bypassed autumn and have gone directly to winter. Not cool. I really need to get out shopping this week and get all kinds of winter gear, like a coat (preferably waterproof), a pair of jeans or other trousers, boots, socks, jumpers, a pair of shoes! Aaaah! I’m just not really into shopping these days, but it’s necessary. Oh well. I guess it will all pay off when I’m not freezing all winter.

Okay, I’m off for some brain-dead time and maybe a nice little sip of whiskey and a biscuits or two.


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