Gümüşlük and ancient Myndos…


Three weeks later, I’m finally writing the last post about our holiday. I have to say, writing all about it has actually made the holiday seem longer and it’s been so nice to slowly re-think about everything and enjoy it all over again.

So, the last day of our holiday was spend in a small sea-side village called Gümüşlük, about 20 minutes away from Bodrum on the dolmuş. Gümüşlük was so lovely, and compared to the busy resort atmosphere of Bodrum, it was a quiet and peaceful place to spend a day swimming at tiny beaches and eating delicious fresh seafood. We ate gorgeous squid, octopus and prawns, followed by grilled red mullet and seabream. The restaurants there are basically sitting on the water. Our table was about a foot away from the sea, and while eating and enjoying a glass of wine, we looked over the sea and fishing boats.

Another interesting thing to do in Gümüşlük is to go for a short hike around the headlands. From the hill there are great views of the sea and some nearby islands. Plus, you can see some remains of the ancient Greek city of Myndos. Basically the entire hill is littered with rubble of white stones some rather large and some very small, like the stones used for cobbled streets. It’s likely that most of this was once city walls and buildings and paths of Myndos. I don’t know much about the city, but I did read on a sign in Gümüşlük that when Alexander the Great had come through the area and was planning to besiege Halicarnassus (aka Bodrum), he first wanted to take over Myndos. They managed to fight him off though, and he never took over the city. I still find it so surreal to be in places where people like Alexander the Great had been. Pretty wild.

Anyway, it was absolutely gorgeous there and it was a quiet and peaceful day to close out our holiday experience.


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